NCVER collects data about the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector through a number of statistical collections and surveys.

All collections meet the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) and use the AVETMISS Validation Software to ensure consistent quality of data.

As well as regular statistical reports, we release a range of tools to enable users to choose how and what data they would like to view. These include:

  • Representing data through graphic tools such as infographics and data visualisations
  • VOCSTATS – a product that enables users to construct their own tables via an interactive web interface, using data from various NCVER collections

NCVER can also provide customised data and statistics. See our services and charges page for more information on how we can assist you.

About 鶹ýdata

鶹ýstatistics explained provides a summary of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) statistical collections and surveys and the purpose they serve for the Australian 鶹ýsystem. It covers the structure of the statistical collections and surveys, what each collection is, how they are compiled and what data is collected.

An accompanying page gives an overview of the statistical standard (AVETMISS) used to ensure the quality of data.

Both pages would be of interest to those with some understanding of the Australian 鶹ýsystem but who are seeking to further understand what is available in the Australian 鶹ýstatistical collections and where to go to find specific information.

Data release dates 2024

Listed below are the planned releases of our statistical products. Actual release date will display when confirmed.

5 March Government-funded students and courses: January to September 2023
21 MarchApprentice and trainee outcomes 2023
28 MarchApprentices and trainees: September quarter 2023
2 MayInternational onshore 鶹ýqualification completer outcomes 2023
27 JuneApprentices and trainees: December quarter 2023
10 JulyGovernment-funded students and courses 2023
Historical time-series of government-funded 鶹ýin Australia
31 July鶹ýin Schools 2023
15 AugustCompletion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2023
AugustTotal 鶹ýstudents and courses 2023
August鶹ýqualification completion rates 2023
September Government-funded students and courses: January to March 2024
SeptemberApprentices and trainees: March quarter 2024
OctoberGovernment funding of 鶹ý2023
DecemberGovernment-funded students and courses: January to June 2024
December 鶹ýstudent outcomes 2024
December Apprentices and trainees: June quarter 2024
Historical time-series of apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia from 1963

Data policies


More information about accessing 鶹ýdata is available.

Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

The brings together requirements for collecting nationally consistent data about 鶹ýactivity and processes, and for using data in statistical collections and national surveys.

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